I Freaking Love Roller Derby

Love it. Hands down. Here’s an abridged list of everything I love about derby.

Derby is woman-owned, woman-oriented. The best skaters you can think of are women. The leaders of your league are women. Your mentors are women. And guess what, punks? It’s working! And GROWING! And appealing to a diverse audience! And WE did that.

Derby takes all shapes and sizes. There’s a place for everyone. Seriously, I’m pretty short, and there’s nothing more intimidating than jamming into a pack of giant opposing players. Men-folk quarterbacks can relate. Are you a big girl who has wondered how she’ll be received in a new sport? Derby needs you! Are you super skinny? We need you! Are you in-between? Get your sweet ass over here! I wanna build a wall with it! Unlike most women’s sports, that were made for men and adapted for women, roller derby was designed to showcase the strengths of the female body – legs, hips, booties, and balance. WE get to define what athleticism means for us!

There’s aggression and competition, but little to no animosity. The girl who hit you hardest on the track is the first to buy you a beer at the after party. Hugs and high-fives all around! (*sidenote: we just had our SVRG end-of-the-year holiday party and guess which award I won? Magical Hippie Smile Rainbow Club – who would guess?)

It’s not just a sport, it’s performance! Really! We get costumes and characters. It’s the theater of the game that typically draws people in. When you lace up your skates and slip your mouth guard on, you take on a new character. Oh, your day job is at the library? Now you are freaking BARBARIAN LIBRARIAN (**what’s up SCDG!).

Quad skates make it really easy to do the Moonwalk!

And finally, because SVRG is skater-owned and operated, we can all have the opportunity to grow as leaders in an organization. We are a non-profit, and we need to do everything that any other non-profit does: raise funds, publicize, build relationships, raise more funds, community service, hold events, and raise more funds! There’s no limit to the number of leadership experiences you can add to your resume. Just raise your hand and you’ve got a job. And you didn’t even have to score an interview first.

This is an abridged list! Feel free to add your own in the comments.
For more information about Silicon Valley Roller Girls, visit svrollergirls.com

Photo by Donalee Eiri, D.E.sign



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