Big Questions: Who are your people?

“I like working with people.”

Would you agree with this statement?

It’s a commonly-cited reason for taking on a particular job. Most people would probably agree that they like working with people.

But this statement is far oversimplified. Everyone who gets paid works with people – they must! That’s how capitalism works. The much more compelling question to be asked of a job-hunter or -holder is:

“What kind of people do you like to work with?”

The answer to this question will reveal much more about your personality and work-style; it’s worth thinking about if you’re looking for true job satisfaction.

Do you like working with new people everyday? Then maybe sales, public relations, or event planning is right for you. Do you like working with a small team of trusted individuals? Maybe you should seek out a start-up or work in R&D.

Are you good with children and families? Do you have what it takes to compete with the most ambitious of Generation X? Do you want to compete with your people, collaborate with them, persuade them, teach them? Inspire them, save them, advise them, learn from them? Do you want to lead people? Or would you rather follow a trusted leader? How big is your ideal team?

Think about it: who are your people?


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