INTP… International Tooth Paste? I Need Toilet Paper? If Needed, Take Pill?

So what is an INTP anyway? The acronym stands for

by kinmortal, via Flickr





There are four spectra of personality types in the Myers-Briggs paradigm. Each word represents one side of a spectrum in which a person falls. Ipso facto, there are a total of 16 unique personality types.

When you meet a person with the same personality type as you, you feel a sense of connection. This person understands how you think, what you value. You won’t have to do much convincing to get this person to agree with you.

For example, I know that any INTP I meet will share my same judgment of sloppy proofreaders, people who can’t think for themselves, and poor film adaptations of classic masterpieces. They will also share my love for fantasy and imagination, appreciation of innovative ideas, and affinity for subversive humor.

My best INTP friend and I can sit in the same room together for hours, doing completely different things, not speaking, yet still enjoying each other’s company. When he does make a comment out of the blue (“You know what I don’t like? When people use the word “random,” when they don’t really mean “random.” They really mean “seemingly random;” I’m going to crack down on the use of that word.”), it’s like I’m right there with him, as if we’ve shared the same train of thought the whole time.

The opposite personality type to mine would be an ESFJ:

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There are LOTS of ESFJs out there. Believe me, I know, because every time I meet one, I have to try really, REALLY hard to understand where they are coming from (But hey, I love you; you’re hospitable, funny, fun-loving, and you are always baking things for me and otherwise making me feel welcome).

I’ve typed just about all of my friends, family members, and co-workers. I’m pretty good at it – if there’s one thing INTPs know, it’s complex systems. I’ll extrapolate more about the different types and elements of type in this blog. In the meantime, if you’re interested, check out to learn more about your type! Keirsey is my favorite source for online personality-type content. One tip: Don’t take the quiz. It’s unlikely you’ll actually figure out your type with a quiz. Check back with this INTP to find out why!


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